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Cooking Recipes / History of Jerky

Food has been preserved for Centuries by simply drying to a point of stability. Jerky, as we know it today, shares the same history. When meat was harvested it was usually in larger quantities than could be consumed before spoiling, necessitating some form of preservation. Smoking and drying has been used as a means of preservation since the dawn of civilization and is still being used today where refrigeration isn’t possible.

The term “jerky” originally comes from the Spanish along the border of Southwestern United States. The Spanish adopted an Aztecan term for “Dried Meat” and morphed it into the word “charque”. As the Spanish and later the Mexicans crossed the border and the English language mixed with Spanish, the English speakers adopted the term “jerky” to mean any dried meat. Until very recently, jerky was not eaten as a snack; it was stocked in the pantry and used to make any number of meals.



Wild Ride Jerky is a delicious and healthy snack but you can also use Wild Ride to make some delicious meals and snacks. Wild Ride’s patented tenderization process allows the jerky to reconstitute in water very quickly and combined with its unique flavors, many tasty dishes can be made. We have put together a collection of recipes for you to try. Most of the recipes are based on a 4 oz. Bag of Wild Ride jerky and feed 4 to 6 people. We have divided them into categories for you to choose from. Click on a category to review some of the recipe suggestions we have selected.




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