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The following suggestions make great backpacking and camping recipes and are designed to work with existing products. Please review main courses, snacks and appetizers for additional recipes.



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Wild Ride Beef Jerky and Dehydrated Camp Meals

Just add a 4 oz. pack of your favorite Wild Ride Jerky for additional protein and flavor to any of the just add water meals that are available today. Wild Ride Jerky is tenderized and reconstitutes in hot water very quickly making it perfect for use in the modern just add water meals. In most cases add about ¼ cup more water than the package suggests to get the best results. The flavor is wonderful with a boost in much needed protein. Wild Ride Jerky works very well in the more traditional dehydrated meals that require cooking as well. Wild Ride Jerky is particularly good in the pasta, rice or dehydrated beef meals.


Wild Ride Jerky and Ramen Noodles

Yea, just add your favorite flavor of Wild Ride Jerky to a bowl of ramen noodles. Add a little extra water for best results.


Wild Ride Jerky and Rice-A-Roni

This one requires cooking but add chopped Wild Ride Jerky to a Rice-A-Roni box and prepare by the directions.


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