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Breakfast won’t be the same when you start adding Wild Ride Beef Jerky to your traditional scrambled eggs. Wild Ride Jerky adds flavor and serves the same function as bacon or sausage etc. Try different combinations and get creative. We suggest trying the first choice of Wild Ride jerky in the ingredients but choose to your own preference. In most cases, we think you will find the recipes are much faster than starting with other meats. Most of the recipe suggestions are great for camping because they don’t require refrigeration. As with all Wild Ride recipes, be careful of adding extra salt and pepper until you have tasted the dish, then adjust seasoning. Our recipes do not call for additional salt or pepper.


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Scrambled Eggs and Jerky

This is a quick and simple breakfast dish that has the same appeal of traditional bacon and eggs but with low fat jerky instead.
The recipe is based on 4 servings, with 2 eggs per person. You can half or quarter the ingredients to match the servings.

1 - 4oz. bag of Wild Ride Gallopin’ Pepper, Hoppin’ Hickory or Jumpin’ Hot & Spicy chopped into small pieces

8 eggs, beaten in a bowl with a fork or whisk (more if using small eggs)

½ cup onion, chopped fine (optional)

1 to 1 ½ cups shredded cheddar or Monterey Jack Cheese (optional)

1 tablespoon butter or oil

Heat the butter or oil in a large skillet and when the butter is melted add the onions (If not adding onions, add the chopped Wild Ride Jerky at this point). Stir the onions and cook over medium heat for about 10 minutes or until the onions are soft but not brown. Add the chopped Wild Ride Jerky and continue stirring for a few minutes or until the jerky is thoroughly mixed with the onions and beginning to soften. Add the whipped eggs and stir constantly to avoid sticking. When the eggs are near done, add the cheese (optional) and continue stirring to keep from sticking. Continue cooking until eggs are done to your preference. The Wild Ride Jerky is very flavorful, so taste before adding any salt or pepper. Correct the seasoning and serve.


For Southwestern scrambled eggs use the Wild Ride Jumpin’ Hot & Spicy. Additionally try stirring into the onions , ½ cup chopped tomatoes and/or green pepper. Finish with a dash of Tabasco or other hot sauce



Breakfast Burritos (Migas)

The eggs are prepared using the recipe above. When the eggs are nearly done, warm a few tortillas by laying them on top of the eggs in the skillet until soft and warm. Place a tortilla on each plate and spoon the egg mixture onto the tortilla and roll up into a burrito.


Try adding cooked potatoes to the eggs while scrambling for a heartier breakfast. Also spread a layer of refried beans on the warm tortilla before spooning on the eggs.


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Omelets can be as varied as your imagination allows. The key to a good omelet is a good omelet pan or any shallow bowl shaped skillet. The second most important thing is that the pan be hot enough when the egg mixture is added. The third is the choice of fillings, and here we suggest Wild Ride Gallopin’ Pepper, Jumpin’ Hot & Spicy, Buckin’ Barbeque or Hoppin’ Hickory instead of bacon, sausage or other traditional meats. Chop all the ingredients fine and combine with any of your favorite fillings such as:


Sautéed onions

Sautéed mushrooms

Sour cream

Green or red chili

Chili powder

Herbs- thyme, marjoram, etc.

Chopped tomatoes

Cheese- grated Cheddar, Swiss, Parmesan, Munster, Roquefort, Feta, or practically any melting cheese.

Consult your favorite cookbooks for omelet preparation recipes.




Hash Brown Omelet

This is a simpler version of a traditional omelet and a hardy breakfast.
Serves 4-6 people.

1 - 4 oz. bags of Wild Ride Gallopin’ Pepper, Jumpin’ Hot & Spicy, Hoppin’ Hickory chopped fine

4 tablespoons butter

2 cups frozen hash brown potatoes

¼ cup onion, chopped fine

¼ cup green pepper, chopped fine (optional)

4 eggs

¼ cup milk

½ teaspoon pepper (or to taste)

½ cup shredded Cheddar cheese

Melt butter in a 10 or 12 inch skillet. Add onions, green pepper and Wild Ride Jerky and cook for about 10 minutes or until onions are soft, but not brown. Add potatoes and cook until potatoes are heated and slightly brown. Meanwhile, beat eggs and milk in a bowl. When the onion, potato, jerky mix is soft, pour the egg mixture over potatoes. Cover and cook 5 minutes over low heat or until the eggs are nearly done. Sprinkle the cheese over the mixture and continue cooking for 3 minutes or until the cheese is melted.


Eggs La Strada

This is a great crowd pleaser and can be made ahead of time and put into the oven at the last minute. Serves 4 to 6 people

2 - 4 oz. bags of Wild Ride Gallopin’ Pepper, Jumpin’ Hot & Spicy, Hoppin’    Hickory or Buckin’ Barbeque, chopped coarse

6 slices of bread, buttered, then each slice cubed into 9 cubes

8 oz. Sharp Cheddar cheese grated

½ teaspoon Beau Monde (Spice Island Seasoning)

¼ teaspoon dry mustard

½ teaspoon Worcestershire sauce

Dash Tabasco sauce

6 eggs

2 cups Half & Half cream

Place the bread in a 3 qt. Buttered oblong casserole. Sprinkle with the cheese then cover with the chopped Wild Ride Jerky of your choice. In a mixer, or blender, blend the eggs, half & half and the seasonings. Pour over the bread and jerky mixture. Sprinkle with paprika (Optional). Cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours or overnight. Remove from refrigerator 15 to 20 min before baking. Bake at 350 degrees, uncovered, for about 30 minutes, or until puffed. Slice and serve hot.