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Jim Davis, the founder of "Wild Ride" beef jerky, grew up as a fourth generation Texas cattle rancher, in a community where beef jerky was a part of everyday life. Each family made their own beef jerky from carefully guarded family recipes. Every year there was a jerky tasting contest where families competed for the glory of making the best Texas jerky. To win was considered the highest honor a person could receive.

As Jim grew older, he found that there was not a jerky to buy like the tender, delicious beef jerky he remembered from his youth. So, determined to make beef jerky the way it was meant to be, he created "Wild Ride" beef jerky.

To create the perfect beef jerky Jim followed these five basic guidelines that inspired "Wild Ride":

Wild Ride Cowboy Strips
  • Make it Flavorful
  • Make it Tender
  • Make it Tasty
  • Make it from US Beef
  • Make it Low-Fat while Keeping the Flavor and Tenderness

"Wild Ride" is made with all natural ingredients with NO Preservatives, NO MSG, and NO nitrites. But the tenderness that is unique to only "Wild Ride" comes from the patented tenderization process that can only be found in "Wild Ride" beef jerky.

Wild Ride Cowboy

Cowboy Strips delivers our great taste and tenderness in a strip form that offers a thick piece of jerky that is tender to chew and packed with flavor. Available in Hickory, Original, Black Pepper, Teriyaki and Sweet & Hot.

Wild Ride All-Natural Beef Jerky

Our all-natural version uses the same high quality meat and tenderization as Cowboy Strips but also comes with MSG, Nitrites or Preservatives. 97% Fat free and comes in tender bites size pieces. Available in Hoppin Hickory, Gallopin Pepper, Kickin Teriyaki, Buckin BBQ and Jumpin Hot & Spicy.